Immigration_Immigration is a dynamic, complex area of the law that is constantly changing. You need an experienced practitioner to guide you through the pitfalls a person can face when trying to maneuver through this complex system. Whether it is a family-based petition or a removal proceeding, Jasmit can help you reach a positive resolution. She has successfully represented individuals in removal proceedings whose ability to remain in the country, in part, depended on her advocacy skills. One of the greatest rewards of practicing immigration law is getting to reunite families that have been separated. Jasmit has represented myriad individuals with diverse backgrounds and has been consistently successful in helping them secure their legal residency and citizenship. Jasmit is a trustworthy, ethical practitioner who will be candid in assessing your immigration situation.

Family Law

Family Law_Family law encompasses but is not limited to the following areas: child custody, divorce, adoption, child support, and name changes. By aggressively advocating for you, Jasmit will craft a solution that is in line with your legal and personal goals. When dealing with life-altering changes, you need a competent, creative advocate who is able to help you resolve your case favorably. Whether you need a prenuptial agreement or representation in an uncontested or contested divorce, Jasmit will ensure that your rights are protected. Do not risk losing your assets or children, consult with Jasmit prior to signing any legal documents.

Consumer Law

Consumer Law_As a consumer, the law affords you certain protections in order to prevent others from misleading you and wrongfully enticing you to purchase a product or enter into a contract in which you would not have entered had you known the truth about that product or service. Jasmit has represented clients who have fallen victim to false representations, and she will fight to make sure you recover every penny you deserve. Similarly, if you are in debt and have debt collectors calling you, the law affords you certain protections from harassment and threatening or inappropriate comments. Did you know that once you retain counsel, debt collectors are required by law to stop calling you if you tell them to do so? Jasmit is an experienced negotiator who will go head to head with debt collection agencies to get the best possible settlement in your case.

Wills & Probate

Will_Wills are often a taboo topic in many communities. Many individuals tend to put off executing this important instrument because they think that they have time to do so later. Death often comes unexpectedly, and family members can be left to bear the brunt of the burden. Jasmit can help you plan for the future so your loved ones are protected. The administration of an estate can be very costly, thus it is crucial to have a will. If you have a relative that died intestate (without having executed a will), Jasmit can also help you get through the legal hurdles. In some instances, a probate proceeding may not be necessary to effectively obtain title to property left by your loved ones, saving you money on costly legal fees.